A list of key dates and actions in reaction to the Bayside Groundwater Project is provided below.  Please note EBMUD's inability to inform residents of this project early in the notification period and EBMUD's reluctance to allow the nearby residents to review and comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) in a reasonable time period.

EBMUD’s board members vote on whether the Bayside Groundwater Project is rejected or approved.  Vote to take place at 1:15PM at the EBMUD Board Room (375 11th Street, Oakland). November 8, 2005

Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)
After the close of the “New DEIR” public comment period, EBMUD will need to respond to all public comments.  EBMUD will create a Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) that will include all public comments and EBMUD responses.  This FEIR will then be reviewed and used by the EBMUD board members to decide if the Bayside Project will be rejected or approved.  Therefore, it is very important for all of the public to submit written comments to EBMUD during the “New DEIR” public comment period to officially record the public’s opposition.

October 15, 2005


“New DEIR” Public Comment Meeting
A public comment meeting was held Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 7:00PM at the Washington Manor Middle School, 1170 Fargo Ave., San Leandro.  Five of eight EBMUD board members were in attendance, and residents – plus several elected officials – filled the school auditorium.  The Task Force made a ten minute presentation to the board and community to start the public comment portion of the meeting.  Click here to see the presentation.  Strong community opposition to the project was voiced by many speakers from San Leandro and San Lorenzo who used their three minute comment periods to detail the risks of the project to the EBMUD board members in attendance and request that they vote "No" on the Bayside Project.
April 20, 2005
“New DEIR” Public Comment Period
EBMUD has provided the public with only a 45-day review period of the RDEIR.  Just like back in 2001 with the original DEIR, EBMUD is not providing residents with a reasonable time period to review the Environmental Impact Report.  EBMUD has taken over 3 years to review the public's comments submitted back in August 2001 but will only give residents 45 days to review EBMUD’s work.  Is that reasonable or fair?  Of course not – this is EBMUD we are dealing with – again trying to “steamroll” the public.  Residents are seeking a minimum 120-day review period.
March 16, 2005 through April 28, 2005 (though currently seeking an extension)
“New DEIR” (New Draft Environmental Impact Report)
A new and revised DEIR has been released by EBMUD, which now officially proposes to phase the project – start off smaller (Phase I), then in a few years, expand to full size (Phase II).
March 16, 2005

Notice of Preparation (NOP)
EBMUD’s Notice of Preparation announces that EBMUD now proposes to “phase” the Bayside Project, that is, start off smaller than the original project size (Phase I), then in a couple of years, ramp up to near the original project size (Phase II).  Essentially, this is the same as the previous 2001 proposal – it still significantly impacts residents' health and property.  The NOP also signals the presentation of a “New DEIR,” which EBMUD plans to release in early 2005.

October 21, 2004
"Original DEIR" Public Comment Period
The initial deadline to submit public comments with regard to the Bayside Groundwater Project was in May 2001, but the Heron Bay Task Force and other concerned residents worked to collect over 1,000 petition signatures requesting EBMUD for an extension of 120 days.  This "Original DEIR" received hundreds of public comments in opposition which caused EBMUD to “rethink” their plans to move forward with the Bayside Project.
Ending August 6, 2001
EBMUD's 1st Public Comment Meeting April 3, 2001
ee Note 1 below)
Residents First Notified of Project and DEIR (Draft Environmental Impact Report)
EBMUD originally provided residents with only a 45-day review/comment period and had planned construction of the project as early as Summer 2001.
March 23, 2001
Select Organizations Informed of EBMUD's Proposed "Bayside Groundwater Project"
Residents adjacent to proposed project location were not notified.
September 18, 2000


Note 1
EBMUD initially proposed one public comment meeting, which was scheduled for April 3, 2001.  During that meeting, the representatives from EBMUD were not able to answer most of the questions and concerns raised by the community (click here to see a newspaper article about that 1st meeting).  EBMUD agreed to have another public comment meeting on May 1, 2001, due to the strong request of the community.  Five additional public meetings were held due to the strong public opposition to this project (total of 7 meetings).
April 3, 2001 1st public comment meeting
April 18, 2001 2nd public comment meeting
May 1, 2001 3rd public comment meeting
May 15, 2001 4th public comment meeting
May 21, 2001 5th public comment meeting
June 5, 2001 6th public comment meeting
June 25, 2001 7th public comment meeting