The Bayside Groundwater Project is proposed by the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) as one of many solutions to protecting San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and parts of Oakland from droughts. While the concept of drought mitigation is a noble cause, it is critically important that all citizens be aware of whether or not the project itself is sound. The Heron Bay Task Force is a group of concerned residents who have united together to stand opposed to the Bayside Groundwater Project due to the critical issues which negatively impact the surrounding residential communities and environment.

What The Project Proposes To Do

Injection Process

Take clean drinking water, add chlorines, and inject up to 15 million gallons daily down into deep underground aquifers that are beneath the homes of San Leandro and San Lorenzo residents.  The process is described below.  Click on the following picture to visualize the process.

  1. The water is first cleaned and treated at an existing treatment facility to become high quality drinking water.
  2. Rather than sending this clean drinking water to your home, the water is piped to the Bayside Project area, next to the Ora Loma Sewage Treatment Plant.
  3. The Bayside Project area is located above known contaminants (waste oils, gasoline products, MTBE, etc.) in the shallow aquifer.  EBMUD has no plans to remove these contaminants that may pollute your drinking water.
  4. 15 million gallons daily will be injected into the ground through deep wells; this daily volume is equivalent to a swimming pool the size of a football field over 40 feet deep.  (Extraction process is described below.)
  5. The deep aquifers are approximately 700 feet underneath the ground surface.
  6. Your drinking water stored in the deep aquifers may become contaminated from the contaminated shallow aquifers. EBMUD recognizes that these contaminants may pollute the Bayside water supply through migration to deeper zones through improperly abandoned wells, a potential contamination source as confirmed by EBMUD's own findings during testing of the contaminated deep aquifer near the Oakland Coliseum (per EBMUD's study titled "Regional Hydrogeologic Investigation South East Bay Plain").

Extraction Process

Up to 30 million gallons daily will be pumped from beneath the homes of San Leandro and San Lorenzo residents (see number 4 in the picture above).  Extracted waters will be processed through aeration towers that will blow radon and chloroform, known cancer causing substances, into the air adjacent to the San Leandro and San Lorenzo residential communities.

Project Location

Click here to see the location of the Bayside Groundwater Project.



Property Damage

Water Quality

Health (Air Quality)


To learn more about what you can do to help stop the Bayside Groundwater Project, please click here.


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