1. Freeport Regional Water Project
    • Provides up to a 100 MGD, dry-year water supply to EBMUD customers to supplement aggressive water conservation and recycling programs and reduce the potential for severe water rationing and associated economic losses and hardships during drought periods.
    • As depicted in the two figures below (normal and drought year water needs), EBMUD needs 277 million gallons per day (MGD) of water total in the year 2020 to satisfy their projected water needs.  The "Drought Year" figure shows that EBMUD needs only 62.5 MGD of additional water during a drought year.  The Freeport Regional Water Project will provide 100 MGD, greater than the needed 62.5 MGD.  Therefore, it appears that EBMUD will have more than enough water to meet their needs.  Why then is the Bayside Project necessary if EBMUD has already secured its 100 MGD Freeport Project?

      Source:  EBMUD handout from Public Information and Comment Meeting, 5/1/2001
    • The following EBMUD articles provide additional information on the Freeport Regional Water Project.  Click on each thumbnail below to read the articles.
  2. San Joaquin Groundwater Project
    • Groundwater storage in a rural, not residential, area.
  3. Raise Pardee Dam
    • Increase the height of EBMUD's existing Sierra storage reservoir/dam, thereby increasing EBMUD's drought storage capacity.