The Heron Bay Task Force is a group of concerned residents within the Heron Bay residential community.  The Heron Bay Community is located adjacent to the proposed Bayside Groundwater Project.  We are separate and distinct from the Heron Bay Homeowners Association.  We have never before taken part in opposing EBMUD or any other utility company.  We are simply a collection of homeowners who have taken the time to review the specifics of the Bayside Groundwater Project and have come to the conclusion (with the help of independent engineering experts) that this project would create a serious danger to the surrounding communities’ health and property interests.

We take proactive steps aimed at stopping EBMUD’s implementation of the Bayside Groundwater Project.  We outreach to residents within and near our community by informing and educating them of the project’s dangerous effects.  We voice our shared concerns with our federal, state, and local political representatives.  We also voice our concerns about the project directly to EBMUD.

The Heron Bay Task Force is a not-for-profit organization that was formed for the sole purpose of protecting the community’s health and property interests.  We choose not to be subjected to the dangerous effects of the Bayside Groundwater Project, and, for the sake of our families and neighbors, we are determined to stop it.

Feel free to contact us at or send US mail to Heron Bay Task Force, P.O. Box 1702, San Leandro, CA, 94577.

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